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Training/Professional Consulting


Our corporate training classes are designed to allow your users to quickly become proficient with Quadbase solutions.  These comprehensive two to three day sessions are custom tailored for your users.  Course material can cover anything from chart and report design using our GUI interfaces, to deployment and administration, to API programming and integration.  Below are two sample course outlines for introductory design and programming courses:

  • EspressReport Designer Course - Sample topic outline for an introductory course covering report and chart design using EspressReport's GUI tools.
  • EspressReport ES Programming Course - Sample topic outline for an introductory course covering programmatic report and chart deployment within the EspressReport ES framework.
    Courses can be delivered online or one of our instructors can come to your site.

Professional Consulting

One of the benefits of using a third party reporting or charting product is the ability to deploy your solution quickly.  Our consulting services help you to easily realize this benefit.  Whether you need help deploying Quadbase products, designing report, chart, or map templates, or integrating dynamic reports, charts, or maps within your application framework, we can help the process move forward quickly.

Our project team handles scoping, development, and testing.  We have extensive expertise in the area of Java development, including experience with servlets, JSPs, Swing interfaces, EJB, and JDBC.  Customers can bring Quadbase personnel on-site to oversee implementation and deployment.

Custom Development

At Quadbase, we strive to engineer our products to meet as wide a range of customer demand as possible.  Our extensive feature sets can easily meet most charting or reporting requirements.  However, some customers do have unique feature or customization requirements that cannot be met out of the box.

For these situations, Quadbase offers custom development.  Our team will work closely with you to determine your requirements and can generally engineer any custom feature in a relatively short time, allowing our solutions to be tailored to your business' specific needs.

Designed to help jump-start your reporting or charting implementation, we can build a custom program of consulting, development, and training that allows you to maximize the benefits of your EspressReport/EspressChart solution.

Our team has extensive expertise in areas from Java development to chart and report design.  To engage Quadbase Professional Services, or for more information, please contact our sales department. Specific contact information can be found in the Company | About Us section.  Services are generally billed on a time & materials basis.