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At Quadbase, we pride ourselves on providing outstanding technical support for all of our products. All questions and problems will be addressed in as timely a fashion as possible - most within 24 hrs. Our support staff can be reached by email and by phone between the hours of 8:30 AM and 6:30 PM Pacific Time, and 7 AM till 3 PM GMT +1, Monday through Friday, except holidays.

Technical support is provided via email, phone call, and web based conference ( We pride ourselves on the ability of solving every single issue ever encountered by our users.


Pre-Sales Support - We understand that during the course of evaluating software, it's important to have questions and problems resolved as quickly as possible. Quadbase offers pre-sales support, however, priority will be given to existing customers during periods of heavy demand.

Maintenance Programs - Maintence programs are available on a subscription basis. In addition to continued support, maintence provides free upgrades for major and minor releases. For more information about maintence programs, please contact our sales department.

Knowledge Base - Often the quickest way to get an answer to your question is to browse our knowledge base. We've documented some of the most commonly asked questions and problems and their solutions in our FAQ pages. In addition, the latest editions of our software documentation are always available online.

Services Provided by Quadbase Support

Quadbase technical support engineers will respond via the telephone or email to questions about the following specific subjects regarding Quadbase’s software and related services:

  • Installation on various operating platforms.
  • The operation and features of Quadbase’s software.
  • Product compatibility and operation with the latest generally available web browsers and Java Development
  • Kit (JDK), Java Virtual Machines (JVM’s).
  • Quadbase’s software and hardware requirements.
  • Common performance pitfalls and suggested workarounds.
  • Providing solutions and code fragments for common product programming issues.

For more extended help and training, contact our support.


Services Not Provided by Quadbase Support

Technical Support does not address the following subjects, but whenever possible, will provide suggestions or referrals to third-party resources on these topics, including, but are not limited to:

  • Support for Java libraries not provided by Quadbase.
  • Programming language help.
  • Writing customer-specific program code.
  • Hardware configuration issues not related to the Quadbase’s software.
  • Operation, functions or service of software not developed by Quadbase.
  • Operation, functions or service of operating systems or operating environments (e.q. Microsoft Windows, Linux...).
  • Quadbase’s source code.

Some of these services may be offered as Professional Consulting.