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Success Stories

EspressReport ES Success Stories

The ultimate test of any solution is how it performs for customers.  Here is what some users are saying about EspressReport ES.


"The main challenge to Online Computing was not only finding a reporting solution that could easily be integrated to enhance the overall software product, but finding one that would also provide the ability to allow their customers to modify existing reports and to design their own custom reports in a way that was not overwhelming to them."

Online Computing, Inc.

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"The project had specific security requirements on the data this agency was administering, and this process had to be auditable.  The solutions from very large vendors we surveyed would have needed some security adjustments before we could deploy.  After a demo and being able to speak directly to the Quadbase staff, I knew ERES was a product we could expect to meet our needs.  Quadbase stood behind their product, and wanted it to fit our security requirements."

Russell E Glaue,
Enterprise Technology Engineer, CAIT

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"The Contractor Office integrates Quadbase reporting engine seamless within our web-based system.  The Quadbase-TCO partnership provides an easy to use system that customizes reports in real-time with just a few clicks.
TCO is being used by hundreds of users in North America, each logging in with their own credentials and viewing their own company data according to the permissions specified within their company."

Tamir Oren,
Chief Executive Officer, The Contractor Office

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EspressReport Success Stories

The ultimate test of any solution is how it performs for customers.  Here is what some users are saying about EspressReport.

DaimlerChrysler Corporation
"We were looking for a pure JAVA reporting tool to migrate the existing MS Access reports with complex reports and charts to a web based system.  After stringent evaluation and comparison of several JAVA reporting tools, we found EspressReport to be the best fit both in terms of technology and price for our application and environment.  An excellent designer interface coupled with a powerful API are some of the strengths of EspressReport.  I also appreciate the prompt support system Quadbase has developed to support their products.  I would definitely recommend this tool for web based reporting systems." 

Sandeep Ohri,
DaimlerChrysler Corporation


Merlin Securities
"The prime brokerage business is a fast-paced, on-demand world.  With EspressReport’s seamless integration and delivery platform, we are able to support our industry-first ad-hoc reporting capabilities which allows us to consistently stay ahead of the curve.  We needed a Java reporting engine that could handle large amounts of XML data, process it quickly and produce a wide array of report formats.  Quadbase’s EspressReport was the perfect fit for us."

Robert l. Brueckmann,

Lead Application Developer, Merlin Securities


Size Technologies Inc.
"Our clients are some of the largest payment/loyalty processors in the world.  They use our platform as a basis for new product offerings.  They demand the best from the integrated reporting solution.  Working with EspressReport and the team at Quadbase we have been able to deliver a seamless solution to our clients."

James Ray, CTO
Size Technologies Inc.

"I think that EspressReport is the most wonderful piece of engineering that I have come across.  I have tried other high profile Java Web-based reporting software, which were very useful in their own right, but none could even compare to ease of EspressReport.  It's way out on its own as far as designing reports, generating charts and exporting are concerned, not to mention its awesome power when it comes to viewing your reports on the Web.
DC Soft develops IP billing application for mainly ISPs, ASPs, VoIP providers and corporates.  ISP Pro, our application, is based on Java EE technology and has the richest features bundled into a single product infrastructure for rating, billing and accounting of IP based services.  Since the application is completely Web-based and platform free, choosing the right reporting tool was a critical decision.  EspressReport met all of our requirement by using servlets calling the report file with parameters from the browser, and then streaming back to the client either in HTML, DHTML, PDF, CSV, XML etc.  What can I say... it is simply powerful, scalable and platform free reporting engine.

I'm definitely very impressed and happy that my choice of EspressReport proved to be right.  I would definitely recommend to anyone interested in Web-based reporting."

Tommy Mazejian,

Project Manager, DC Soft SAL

Trimergo BV
"We selected EspressReport because of its pure Java architecture and its capability to enable our end users to create reports quickly and independently.  It only took us one day to integrate EspressReport into our Trimergo T1 solution!"

Jelle Koning, Director of Product Management
Trimergo BV


EspressChart Success Stories

The ultimate test of any solution is how it performs for customers.  Here is what some users are saying about EspressChart.

"Our plan was to integrate advanced statistical reporting into the BrandMaster platform to give users complete insight into marketing operational efficiency.  We needed a Web-based charting solution that was easy to integrate into our environment, and provided the statistical charting features we needed.  After an extensive evaluation of various tools, Quadbase's EspressChart came out way ahead."

Paul René Engejordet, Product Manager, T4M

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SBC Communications
"We were working on a project that requires extensive compilation of customers network traffic data and representation of same in different graph formats.  For this we needed a Java based charting tool which can generate complex graphs.  After extensively evaluating several tools we found that EspressChart suits our needs the best.  We were able to built a prototype very quickly.  Tech support was excellent.  They always promptly respond with answers and sample code when needed.  If you need a Java charting tool that is versatile, easy to use, rich in features and delivers great performance, then EspressChart is for you."

Ravi Raisinghani,

SBC Communications

"Verizon chose EspressChart after performing an evaluation of every Java graphing package we could find on the Web. We needed a superior graphing product to speed our time to market with service offerings for Network Management, and EspressChart provided a powerful and flexible set of core Java functionality along with an easy-to-use UI."

C. J. Stumpf,


Cerner Health Facts
"Cerner Health Facts chose EspressChart after evaluating several other competitive Java Chart Components. We come to the conclusion that EspressChart best fits our needs because it has a lot of variety of charts, awesome features, great technical support, and it's easy to use. We highly recommend EspressChart as your Java charting solutions."

Edward Suryadi,
Cerner Health Facts


Intiqua International Pte Ltd
"If you are searching for a Java charting tool that is easy to use, develop and deploy into your Internet application, I would highly recommend that you consider Quadbase's EspressChart.  Without this great charting tool, we would not have been able to complete the e-Metrics project in a tight 3 week deadline as set forth by our global Fortune top 10 client.  The open and flexible design of EspressChart API is particularly important to the success of our project.  The product has many great features but comes with a very reasonable price.  I am equally impressed by the professional support that Quadbase has been providing to us during the evaluation, development and post implementation phase of the project.  Keep up the good work team!"

Patrick Ho,

Consulting Manager, Intiqua International Pte Ltd


Human Resources Development Canada
"We are responsible for Capacity Planning and Monitoring of 4 large mainframe computers based in 4 different data centres and 3 different time zones running thousands of programs in parallel 24 hours a day every day accessing dozens of very large databases adding up to many terabytes of data.  These IT systems are very complex and getting to fine-tune the environments and influencing the design of programs which are implemented on them is a very difficult task ... we have no time to lose with extra complexity! The simplicity, modularity, and quality of the charts produced by EspressChart was the perfect product for our Intranet-based analytical tools, just insert one line of code, put the data in, and boom, you have a trend chart telling you a very informative story!! The learning curve is almost laughable (1 day!), and the results are amazing!!"

Pascal Bedard, Systems Analyst
Human Resources Development Canada

IBM Global Network
"Analysis of statistical data is now quick and painless. Using Java's JDBC and the table capabilities in combination with EspressChart charting API we were quickly able to develop a Java application that retrieves data from a database and displays selected data for visual analysis. While other charting packages failed to draw more than 100 data points, we were able to chart over 4100 data points in a single chart. And the nice thing about it we were able to figure out a way to use the Espresschart utilities and create a ZOOMing feature.  Now, with EspressChart one can view thousands of items for a quick overview and then ZOOM in to specific areas for detailed analysis. Whether you are developing Java applets or applications, with its improved and smaller footprint JAR files, this product is worth looking into. Most important, the Quadbase support people have been willing to assist me even during the evaluation period."

Peter Theophanous,
IBM Global Network

"Congratulations on an excellent product! We are delighted with how easy it is to whip up ad-hoc charts from our database, using the JDBC driver from our database vendor. It's as simple as specifying the database query and choosing the chart type, and voila, EspressChart produces a beautiful graphical representation of the data. Then we just add a title, and maybe tweak a few of the chart options, and then we can publish the chart as an applet on the Web. Because we use the template feature, each time the chart is viewed on the Web, it's automatically updated with the latest data from our database!

The product seems very well designed and thought out. It is also very robust. The database connectivity, graph generation, publishing to the Web, all are all fabulously smooth, stable, straightforward and intuitive to setup and use. We love how easy it is to publish dynamic charts to the Web with no programming, but we're also glad that the product is fully programmable with an API, so that in the future we'll be able to leverage the full power of the product to produce sophisticated, dynamic and interactive charts integrated into some of our own Web/Java applications.

We are currently using EspressChart to display MIS charts, but if the product continues to perform as impressively as it has so far, we intend to integrate it into our online service to provide charts and graphs to our 10,000 small business customers who use our Web, email and E-commerce hosting services.

Each time I contacted your sales or support departments, I received instantaneous, courteous, professional, and expert responses. Congratulations on a world-class company with a top-notch product."

Chris Schefler,

President & CEO, WebCom


Claritas Inc.
"After careful evaluation of several charting tools, Caribou Lake Software recommended EspressChart for a client's web site displaying vital clinical trial test result information. The chart displays all test results and highlights the results that may be too high or too low that may adversely affect the patient's health.  With the quick generation of the chart, the user is quickly made aware of any harmful/critical situations.

One of the major advantages EspressChart had is that it is 100% Java.  More was found easily on the site that answered many questions before even talking with the Sales department. The product has numerous examples, features and excellent technical support. I highly recommend anyone to try out the demo and see all that you can do!"

Colleen Kennedy,

Senior Software Engineer, Claritas Inc.


"After researching 7 other dynamic charting tools for the Web, I found EspressChart was the only one that met my needs. The Chart Designer allows a novice user to easily create a dynamic chart, while those needing additional functionality and control can use the Java API which includes great features like customizable trendline analysis. I think EspressChart is a great product."

Charles Kastner,


"We use EspressChart to monitor paging traffic and track the peak usage of our product, on a daily basis, by accessing our SQL database.  It is important to be able to display this information on our intranet and to view up-to-the-minute, fresh data.  EspressChart gives us this dynamic ability.  After a comparison with several charting tools, including NetCharts and JChart, we found that EspressChart was the most user-friendly and flexible.  Also, we liked that the Chart API is readily available. EspressChart works really well with the architecture in Symantec’s Visual Cafe.  Overall, we like the functionality of the product and strongly recommend it."

Jon Novak,