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EspressReport Overview


EspressReport is a Java report development tool kit. It offers a powerful, easy-to-use report writer/report engine. With a robust Java API, and  visual design, query, and scheduling tools, EspressReport offers a fully embedded reporting component that can be integrated seamlessly in application, applet, servlet, and JSP code.



EspressReport is a powerful, high-performance pure Java reporting tool.  Designed from the ground up for business intelligence and operational reporting, EspressReport offers a new standard in information delivery.  It can retrieve data from many data sources and generate reports in a variety of Web-ready formats.  From the simple output of application data, to the sophisticated presentation of vital corporate information, EspressReport is up to the task.

EspressReport provides a complete visual design environment for users to design and build reports.  The designer controls all aspects of reporting, allowing users to specify the data sources used for the report, and format all of the report properties.  Nearly every report element can be formatted and customized, giving users near limitless control over report appearance that conform to corporate or organizational standards.

Key Features:

  • Pure Java Architecture: Deploy on any platform and run with most Java supported application servers.
  • Full Data Connectivity: Draw data from databases, Excel, XML files, Text files, and Java arrays/objects/classes/EJBs.  Unique Data View feature allows easy database access/querying.
  • Numerous Output Options: Run reports in applets or generate DHTML, PDF, Excel, RTF, XML, text, or CSV files.
  • Report Scheduler: Schedule reports to be exported and sent via email or just saved to disk. 
  • Visual Designer: Powerful and easy-to use design tool.  Can be integrated into 3rd party applications.
  • High-Powered Data Visualization: Draw over 30 different 2D and 3D charts with true 3D rendering.  Embed charts in reports or deploy them independently.
  • Robust API: Deep level Java API integrates reporting into applications, servlets, JSPs, and applets.
  • Extensive Parameter Treament: Parameter values can be mapped to a database column, database function, SQL result set and calculated as date variables. Supports multi-value/single-value parameters, cascading parameters, custom value and “select all” parameters. Parameters are supported in formulas. Parameter value list displayed can be different from filter values
  • Advanced subreport features: A subreport can have data column linked to a data column in main report effectively performing a relational join. Subreports can share parameters with main report and other subreports.
  • Unlimited drill-down: Drill-down to any number of sub-levels. Multiple drill-downs per level. Drill from data point in report or chart. Multiple values can be supplied to drill-down parameter.
  • Flexible Configuration: Run as standalone design tool.  Run Designer on server or through API to extend ad-hoc reporting to end users.  Run API classes server-side and embed powerful reporting functionality into Web applications.