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EspressReport ES Overview

EspressReport ES (Enterprise Server) provides a powerful, centralized business intelligence reporting architecture for enterprise information delivery and presentation. With built-in report publishing, business intelligence dashboards, ad-hoc reporting and analysis, end-to-end security, and drop-in Java EE deployment, EspressReport ES empowers users and provides a robust operational reporting, data visualization, and data analytic solution for the enterprise.




EspressReport Enterprise Server (ERES) provides a powerful, centralized enterprise reporting architecture that leverages the functionality of EspressReport's pure Java reporting engine and extends it to the enterprise. With built-in report delivery capabilities, end-to-end user/data security, advanced ad-hoc reporting, query and analysis features, self-service dashboards, scheduling and scalable pure Java architecture, ERES empowers business users and provides a web-based alternative to traditional business intelligence (BI) implementations, and application specific, toolkit based reporting solutions.


Key Features:

  • Full Java EE Integration: EspressReport ES deploys completely within application environments with no proprietary server-side processes.
  • Centralized Report Repository: Users can collaboratively develop reports and charts on the server and automatically publish them to Web pages and portals.
  • Flexible Design Tools: Report and Chart Designer launch remotely from the server-side, and provide powerful design environments for report and chart development.
  • Ad-hoc Queries & Reports: Thin-client QuickDesigner interface allows users to easily perform ad hoc queries, create and publish ad hoc reports.
  • Numerous Output Options: Run reports in applets or generate HTML/DHTML, PDF, Excel (both XLS and XLSX), RTF, XML, text, or CSV files.
  • High-Powered Data Visualization: Draw over 30 different 2D and 3D charts with true 3D rendering. Embed charts in reports or deploy them independently.
  • Complete Security: EspressReport ES supports full security model from design through deployment with remote administration.
  • Full Data Connectivity: Draw data from databases, SOAP, text files, Excel spreadsheets, XML sources, & Java objects/arrays/EJBs.
  • Self-Service Dashboards: EspressReport ES makes it easy for you to create compelling dashboard presentations with a simple point and click zero-client interface.
  • Scheduling and Archiving: Reports/charts can be scheduled to run at a specified time or on a recurring basis. Report bursting is also supported. Snapshots or versions of reports/charts can be saved/archived.
  • Interactive maps: Two types of maps are supported for visualization of report data.  One uses Google maps API and the other uses SVG language.  While Google maps are geographical maps, SVG maps can be geographical maps as well as representation of other spatial data such as floorplans and seating plans.  Interactive features include drill-down and tool-tip reports/charts.
  • Runs on Mobile Devices: Charts, Reports, Maps, and Dashboards can be viewed on-the-go from mobile devices such as the iPad and iPhone from Apple.
  • Supports Alerts: Two types of alerts are supported, i.e. dashboard alerts and monitoring alerts. As such, users will see visual feedback of alerts in the dashboard or receive email notification when alerts are triggered.